El Montevideo Neighborhood Association

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2011-2012 Officers

Wayne Sunne    (795-9818)

Cyndi Amundson

Open for Oct


Open for Oct Election 2014

Tripartite Rep.   
Uwe Fink (331-2497)

Block Captains: last updated 12/29/11

Calle Altar

Sharon Chamberlain


Calle Barcelona

Wayne Sunne


Calle Cortez East of Camino del Norte

Janet Parkhurst


Calle Cortez West of Camino del Norte

Randy & Jane Van Nostrand

wrvn3md@aol.com and


*(e-mail preferred) 

Calle Desoto


Volunteers please call Celeste Blackwell

Calle Guaymas West of Camino del Norte

Sharon Winderl


Calle Ensenada

Peggy Hitner


Calle Ensenada

Sharon Bishop


Calle Fernando

 Jean Saliman


Calle Fernando

 Pam Vandiver


El Camino del Norte

 Margi Halaby


Ridge Drive

 Dick Lanning



It is the block captain’s responsibility to help get information out to the community. 

Please get in touch with your block captain to give them your contact information.






What is a Block Captain? 

Block Captains are volunteers in the neighborhood that take on certain responsibilities of a particular street or block on which they  live.  A Block Captain is a serious and committed role in one's neighborhood and is a rewarding experience to be a leader, protector, and friend in our community.  We truly appreciate the work and effort that our Block Captains give to our community.  If you would like to volunteer to be Block Captain, please contact our EMNA President at 795-0155.  

What are the Block Captain's responsibilities?

A Block Captain is responsible for a particular street or block in El Montevideo on which they live.  Each Captain has a duty to meet and welcome new residents as well as introduce themselves to existing residents, collect neighborhood association dues, attend neighborhood meetings and make a block report, form a Neighborhood Watch or emergency contact/phone chain on their street or block, report violations (trash, dog litter, noise, etc.), and distribute information regarding meetings, suspicious activity, or neighborhood events. Each Block Captain helps the neighborhood as a whole maintain a high quality of life and make El Montevideo a friendly place to live. What a rewarding experience!