El Montevideo Neighborhood Association

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DUES - $25.00 PER YEAR


Dues are collected starting in


for the following year


Hello and welcome to the El Montevideo Neighborhood Association!

Please help maintain your Neighborhood Association with your annual dues. 

Although all board and committee members work voluntarily, membership dues fund many things that benefit our community and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. 

  What your dues pay for:


  • Miscellaneous operational costs for the Neighborhood Association including bank account fees, city registration, and taxes.
  • Annual fees on the web page.  We do the work, but the annual fees pay for the domain name etc.
  • Miscellaneous fees and reimbursement of expenses associated with Board and committee work, copies, refreshments, etc.
  • Neighborhood clean-up, removal of graffiti and landscaping.
  • Annual neighborhood party and/or block parties.
  • Charitable donations approved and voted on by the Neighborhood Association.  For instance, we have been making a donation to the Community Food Bank at each meeting for the use of the Ward 6 facilities.
  • Miscellaneous fees associated with the historical status of the neighborhood homes. 

Annual Membership dues: $25.00 (collected at the fall meeting) 


Cash/Check may be submitted to Randy Van Nostrand – Treasurer

Make checks payable to: El Montevideo Neighborhood Association

Thank you for your contribution!