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El Montevideo Safety and Security

Welcome to the El Montvideo Safety and Security site.  In order to maintain a high quality of life in our community, we have included information, contacts and links regarding safety and security in our neighborhood. If you would like to add or report relevant issues regarding these topics, please e-mail us at emnasafety@yahoo.com.

Keep Healthy---West Nile Virus Hotline (243-7999)

West Nile Virus is a very real threat to the safety and health of our neighborhood due to our year-round mild weather.  Please remove all standing water on your property and report any standing water and breeding mosquitos.  

Keep Safe---Tucson Police Department (911 for emergencies)-or-(791-4444 for nonemergency services)

El Montevideo has lots of vehicular traffic, bicyclists, pedestrians, and dog walkers, yet no sidewalks and little street lighting.  Therefore, be watchful when out and about.  Always observe, traffic signs, speed limits, and wear light colored clothing or take flashlights when biking or walking at night.  Also, if you are walking or biking alone, be aware of your surroundings and take a cell phone.  Prevent vandalism by parking off the street, locking your vehicle and house and keeping valuables out of sight. Report any suspicious behavior or trespassers by calling the Tucson Police Department at 791-4444. 

Keep Down the Noise 

We live in relatively small community and share the same streets and live in close quarters next to one another.  Please respect your neighbors by complying with the noise ordinance.  Any loud shouting, music, littering, excessive vehicle noise, drinking in public, fighting can be considered a disturbance of the peace.  Violation of the noise ordinance holds liable owners of the property, the tenants, and others deemed responsible for the disturbance.  Your property will be "red-tagged" by the police and you will face a hefty fine and a prohibition of future parties.  Report violations to 911 or call 791-4253.  

Keep up Appearances

Please keep our neighborhood a high quality place to live by maintaining your home and property.  We all need to pitch in and keep our community neat and tidy.  Trash pick up is Mondays.  The green barrels are for trash and refuse while the blue barrel is for recycling.  You can call 791-5000 or log on to www.tucsonrecycles.org.  After trash pick-up, please remember to pull your barrels off the street.  Weeds and unkempt properties can be health hazards, attractive to criminal elements, and hurt property values.  If your neighbor needs help, please give them a hand.  This is a community-wide effort that affects us all.  To report weeds and unkempt property, call 791-5843.  To report abandoned or junk cars, call 791-4550.  To report graffiti, call 792-2487 or log on to graffiti@tucsonaz.gov.  

Keep Informed about the Neighborhood---Neighborhood Watch

We encourage everyone in the neighborhood to stay informed and keep your neighbors and us informed about what's happening in our community whether it be an event, suspicious activity, or crime.  Please e-mail us at EMNA, attend Neighborhood meetings, and meet your neighbors and block captains.  For more information about starting or participating in a Neighborhood Watch on your street or block, contact your block captain.  You can also call Becky Noel at the Tucson Police Department at 837-7428. or log on to http:/tpdinternet.tucsonaz.gov/crimeprevention/neighborhood_watch.html.  For the most recent crime statistics in El Montevideo, log on to http://nsn.soaz.info/incidents/zelmontevideo.html.    

Keep Pets Safe and Properly Controlled

Many of have pets in the community, so please be kind to your neighbors and have them properly leashed and licensed. Loud and excessive noise and barking are a noise ordinance violation.  Also, please pick up after your dog.  We have had many complaints in the neighborhood about dog walkers leaving dog litter.  This is not very neighborly and is a violation of the "Pooper Scooper" ordinance.   Violations for barking dogs, dogs off leash, and dog litter should be reported to Pima Animal Care at 743-7550. 

Keep Aware---Be on the look out for the following suspicious activity (updated June 7, 2009)

We have received several reports of suspicious activity in our neighborhood.  The first report involves a prowler found at 10:00p.m. on the back patio area of a home located on Calle Guaymas.  This incident was reported to the police and occurred on June 1st.  This is not the first time prowlers have been reported in this area and our neigborhood.

There are also numerous reports of a white pick-up truck, a newer one, with three "white" males casing the houses along the Guaymas alley in the last few months. These incidents are similar to a report back on March 15, 2009 of a white, two-door pick-up truck found to be circling the neighborhood at 10:30p.m., driving slowly and parking at the end of the Calle Cortez cul-de-sac.   

Reports of theft and burglary are on the rise in our community.  If you see or hear of any suspicious activity, call 911.  Reporting activity helps keep the Tucson Police Department informed of what's happening in El Montevideo.  If you have any information to report to your neighbors in El Montevideo, please e-mail us at emnasafety@yahoo.com.