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Next Tripartite Meeting: TBA 

All Tripartite meetings are open to the public.  The Tripartite is composed of surrounding midtown neighborhoods, El Con Mall representatives, and the City of Tuscon. Please come join other midtown neighborhoods to participate and voice your concerns. 

Updates: The last meeting was July 15, 2010. Walmart is under contract with El Con to open a 102,000, 24-hour store on the west side of the mall where the old Macy's store is now located.  

Talking Points:


Here are the major talking points from the Tripartite meeting of 7/15/10:


  1. Walmart is under contract with El Con to build a 102,000 s.q. store with groceries and merchandise. Their intent is to be open 24-hours with the entrance on the west side of the mall (towards the El Encanto Neighborhood).
  2. City of Tucson officials including the police, parks and recreation, and transportation all stated that the opening of Walmart will cause no significant issues and requires no further study. The studies that city officials used were from the 1990's. This raised concerns from the public.
  3. Public concerns were raised about the hours of operation, the safety of the traffic flow on the west side of El Con, the crime impact, and the possibility of Walmart selling liquor and firearms.  Public comments were made to encourage Walmart to limit their hours of operation and relocate the entrance to the south side of El Con. 
  4. Glenn Moyers, from the City of Tucson Planning and Development Services Department, stated that no permits, planning or zoning review, or City Council approval is required on the new store as it it will fit within the "existing footprint" of the old Macy's store which is regulated by the El Con development agreement. This agreement predates the City of Tucson Big Box Ordinance. He also stated that the default hours of operation in the City of Tucson is 24-hours unless specifically regulated or negotiated.
  5. El Con and Walmart representatives stated that they would increase security as a result of the new store.